Many moons ago, as a naive wee kid, I fell into an unexpectedly lengthy career as a sea-going Marine Engineer in the Merchant Navy. Twenty-five years were soon swirling in my wake: I had reached the heady heights of Chief Engineer and I relocated ashore as a Technical Superintendent for a UK based ship-owner

Still with an avid thirst for adventure, my family and I lived the expatriate life in Singapore where, as a marine surveyor and consultant, I advised on and investigated numerous ship casualties and incidents. These included sinking vessels, super-yacht fires, tanker groundings and metal-screeching, fully-laden collisions in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

Ieuan Dolby, Freelance Writer

Today, well settled in the upcoming and reportedly creative city of Dundee, Scotland with my wife and two sons, I continue to provide expert opinion on port and vessel technical issues and survey of marine casualties in-between actively writing: articles, short stories and full-length novels with the sea, ships and seafarers often but not always part of the driving theme.

My debut sea-based and humorous crime-suspense novel 'Fall of the Suns' is now published. Alongside mountains of other projects I am nearly finished with the next book titled, 'The Memory of Captain Silas E Park', a series of hilarious romps, vividly narrated by a continually scuppered and well-oiled and retired sea captain who very incorrectly relives his past from a seat at the local bar. 

And after that who knows which way the wheel will turn. Perhaps the Diary of Ben Small, a first trippers account of the traumas of joining ship and the weird and sometimes 'nutty' people he encounters along the way. Or maybe the sequel to the 'Fall of the Suns'? Who knows. It matters not except that the raw enthusiasm is bursting out and the road is thankfully long.



Freelance Writing and Photograph Service

A very small selection of earlier published articles are:

  • Silent Macau: Two Faces of the Macau SAR at Travel Outward (2003)
  • 'Tea Time' and 'Christmas at Sea' in 'Argonauta' the print newsletter of the Canadian Nautical Research Society (2004-2005)
  • 'My Ship in 2020'  and 'The Big White Golf Ball' in the 'Digital Ship' print magazine, the Marine IT Professional Publication (2005-2006)
  • Extracts from ''The Modern Day Pirate' used in the Canadian Grade 6, Boldprint Series textbook 'Adventures on the High Seas' published by Rubicon Publishing (Reprinted yearly since 2002)
  • And for more please amble through the Article and Essay Bank which is being added to regularly and the Photograph Albums are continually being expanded on through the addition of maritime images from around the world.

Contact me now for articles, stories and photographs that require a dash of verve and insight, a sprinkling of well-placed humor and some energetic input that will spice-up dead blogs, invigorate buried e-zines, energize newsletters and colorfully add unique and individual content to magazines and websites.